The Trap Door

With Jedediah Caesar, Human Resources
Los Angeles, CA

November 23 – December 8, 2011

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Human Resources is pleased to present a display of large art-related items that were previously exhibited in other contexts. These objects were constructed and collected by the artists between the years of 2003 and 2010 and have been residing in Los Angeles for a period of time without purpose. The large conglomerations have now been brought to Human Resources and installed in new configurations by the artists for a ceremonious goodbye before they are retired to a 40-yard bin.

Shana Lutker contributes fifteen steel support structures (pedestals now without objects), and a sculpture consisting of most of the New York Times from the years 2003-2008.

Jedediah Caesar shows a set of eight massive casts of earth. Originally made within an architectural frame, here, outside of that framework, each part functions as its own stage.

Re-presenting these pieces, the parameters of the work are unstable. This stop on the road from the studio to the landfill is a pause to consider the physical limitations and expectations of these objects. Both artists are collectors of things, of objects from the world, but also their own work. Getting rid of parts of the collection is an anxious and uneasy decision. For the artists, this project is the trap door.

Jedediah Caesar and Shana Lutker are both artists who live in Los Angeles.

About D3
D3 is an artist-run service specializing in object divestment. Dealing with objects that are emotionally burdensome and have outlived their welcome, D3 provides a personalized step-by-step process to clients who wish to deaccession such items from their personal collections. This process is founded upon the 3 Ds: Deliver, Document, Destroy. This approach to destroying an object functions to transform matter, reorganize the energy it represents,

and disperse the formidable associations triggered by the object. D3 accepts submissions on an ongoing basis.
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