The Bearded Gas

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

April 20 - May 25 2013

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On the sixth of July at the Theatre Michel the house was full and tensions between Tristan Tzara and the newly-burgeoning Surrealists were high. The program, "The Evening of the Bearded Heart," begins with the pint-sized Pierre de Massot reading a long and monotonous proclamation: “…André Gide, dead on the field of honor! Pablo Picasso, dead on the field of honor! Francis Picabia, dead…” That was the beginning of the end. André Breton, the leader of the Surrealists, incensed by the insult to Pablo Picasso, jumps from the audience onto stage, cane raised. His compatriots follow, and Robert Desnos and Benjamin Péret hold Massot from behind as Breton confronts him. In defense of Picasso’s honor, Breton orders Massot to leave the theater. Massot refuses. Breton strikes him with his cane, breaking his left arm...

—Excerpt from Le “NEW” Monocle, by Shana Lutker, Chap. 1: The Bearded Gas and the Blowing Nose

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