Paul, The Peacock, The Raven, and The Dove, Wetterling Gallery


Oct, 9 2015

Paul, the Peacock, the Raven, and the Dove
Wetterling Gallery
October 9 – October 31 2015

“Plates were thrown, glasses shattered, hair was pulled. Surrealists cried out, “Down with France!” “Long live Germany!”

The exhibition “Paul, the Peacock, the Raven, and the Dove” is an installation drawn from a historical event happening at a Surrealists banquet in Paris, 1925 that literally ended up in a fistfight between the guests and “there are as many versions of this banquet as witnesses”.

Inspired by dream analysis, psychoanalytic practice, actual objects, and historical documents, Shana Lutker’s conceptual works explore the boundaries between the subjective and objective nature of reality. Working with a variety of media, including drawing, sculpture, performance and installation, Lutker reframes familiar objects and clichés, and addresses archetypical anxieties such as desperation, guilt, shame and loneliness. Disabling the frameworks and assumptions we rely on between reality, time and history, Lutker exposes the instability of knowledge, and resultant anxieties between the individual and civilization.